Welcome to Our Work Space for the Next Two Weeks.

I thought this looked like a pretty nice working environment to set the intention and the vibration and I didn’t even have to build or rent it, just download it.

Today is important stuff.  And we are half way through our 2 weeks tomorrow.

I’m going to tell you some things to do and some not to do. If I am creating your initial page for you, you don’t have to do any of them now. (Or you can).  This is information everyone will need to know to manage their own site but if I am doing your initial layout you don’t need to, and maybe shouldn’t do it now. If you would like a copy of the page as a sample, that you can play  with, I can easily create one. Just ask.

When you start digging around in the dashboard of your site, here are a few things you should NOT do.

Don’t mess with Plugins. They are running your site in ways you don’t know about yet.

Don’t change the Theme. We are using the Divi Child Theme which relies on the Divi theme.

The magic with the Divi theme is that we can build almost any layout we want, make it look like any other theme and it has a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it much easier for you to do much more.  Also, if you remove it you turn the whole site to gibberish.

The best way to start playing with your site, after you have read the article about picture sizes from May 15th is to upload the pictures you plan to use to your Media Library (also detailed on May 15th under “Try out your site”) is this:  First, login to your site if you haven’t already. Then go back to the front end (the part the visitor sees).  Any time you are in the Dashboard and you click on the name of the site in the very upper left corner, it will take you to the opposite view. If you are on the front end it will take you to the back end (the Dashboard, and administrative pages) and vice versa.

So, always start out logged in and at your home page.

Anytime you are logged in you will see this menu across the top of the page. Some of the items may change, depending on where you are (say edit Post or edit Page).  I’ve split it in half to show you full size:

Do not attempt to work from your Dashboard. Always work from the front end if it is possible. (And if you are only editing pages and posts or even creating pages and posts, it is always possible). The item you are most interested in usually will be the Edit Post or Edit Page item that will be around the center of the menu.  Use that to get to the editing side (back side) of the page. Make any changes there and then ALWAYS remember to click “Update” in the left column of the page to save it. Almost always when you try to leave a page after making changes but not saving them it will ask if you are sure. You can be pretty sure if it asks you that, you haven’t saved your changes. However, be careful that you don’t have the same page open in two tabs or you might be saving the older copy.

Let’s take a very brief look at the back side of the page.  This is where I’d like you to play.  If the original page is just the way I created it as it is at http://lindsleyfield.com/ (we’ll use her example because we are not working on her site yet) then the main portion of the page will look like this:



I have left part of the right sidebar in the graphic because it is where the “update” button is that I told you about. Almost everything else about the page is in the center section.  The next part looks like this:


There are more sections as you will see. These are good places to “play”.  There are modules (images, text, video, blurbs, etc) inside of rows inside of sections. Click on the menu for each module to see what’s inside and what the settings are for that module. 

Replace my text, images or other content with your own then save and view the page (View Page) is a menu item at the top when you are working in the back end.

I have been working on a lot of your sites as I’ve had the info to do so. I am alternating among you so if I haven’t gotten to you yet I will. If you are making your own changes that you want to keep, let me know ASAP because I don’t want to change anything you have built.

These instructions do not relate to the store or shopping cart. That is a whole ‘nuther story which we’ll play with soon.

Please leave me some comment, just so I know you were here… unless I have email from you. That’s good too. However, any questions about the issues addressed here, should be asked here, so everyone can see the answers.


  1. Allison Clifford

    Thank you Bunni! My apologies for doing more than I knew how and creating more work for you. I’m excited to get more done, with your guidance this time!

    • Bunni

      I’m really sorry Allison. This was entirely my fault and I’m sorry you have to re-do work. I should have given you this info on day one.

  2. Cynthia Scott

    Hi, I left you a comment on another page – basically I had put up a pic that was 550×412 px because to me that seemed to fit your perameters and I wanted to know should I go forward in that fashion with all my photos that I want to use in my shopping cart so that they are there for you to use – I do still need to optomize that photo – it’s on a post that I wrote over. I’m not entirely certain I understand what you mean about not working in the back end as that looks like the back end to me or dash or not working from the dash as that looks like the dash LOL. In any case I did do a very small amount on two different pages I believe – AM I working in the right places? Also I had optomized all the photos except a few that are copies – the first of each of any copied photo is one I failed to optomize the second of which is optomized – using a program not one of which you recommended. I did it before you wrote that or before I read it – one or the other – are they ok? (I wonder if I can find that again – one of the programs I downloaded changed my toolbar so I may not be able to get to it again – we’ll see). But ok so if the optomization worked and if I am sizing photos correctly then I will continue in that fashion and if I am working in the correct area YAY and if not then shoot and that’s it for right now. Hope it made sense LOLOLOL But I wanted these answers before doing a bunch more. I had left the question much earlier but looks like on the wrong page – sorry luv. Thanks doll !!

  3. Kate

    Hi Bunni,

    I’m beginning to figure this out… I’m changing out content in the modules 😉

    • bubba bub

      Way to go Kate!!

  4. Melanie

    Okay, great info!!!! I will start trying to upload some pictures to my media and play around with that 🙂
    I know you made a joke on fb about older people not knowing how to use their phones..well I am a somewhat younger person who never learned a thing about site building lol, I appreciate you offering this class and site-building help. 🙂

  5. Nickie

    WHOOHOOOO I made some text changes that worked. I appreciate the step by step teaching and the images that go with the words. I basically learn things by doing them so this is helpful. Thank you.