Welcome to Our Work Space for the Next Two Weeks.

I thought this looked like a pretty nice working environment to set the intention and the vibration and I didn’t even have to build or rent it, just download it.

The dreaded topic… shipping. 

The last piece of your shopping cart puzzle once you have everything else ready is shipping (and tax but tax is easy compared to shipping).  This is where you have to make some hard decisions.

If there is any way you can include your shipping price in your sales price by all means do it. When we have sites that sell CDs or T-Shirts we almost always do that and it works great. With soap and cosmetics it’s not quite so easy. People do love to see “free shipping” even though we all know there is no such thing. It’s figured in somewhere.

You can charge shipping based on weight (which means you have to enter the weight of each product in your shopping cart product setup, you can charge based on a percentage of the total sale, you can charge a flat rate. None of these will work just right because people will order different combinations of things. For example, USPS shipping, regional, is very inexpensive for a package under 13 ounces. Over that it rises dramatically. So, even if you have  a table set up for numerous regions you will have to set up numerous weights too, i.e., South East States under 13 oz = X.00 cost, over 13 oz = X.00, North East States under 13 oz total …. you get it. The actual set up is not hard to do. Deciding how to set it up is the hard part.

What I do: I am absolutely not interested in shipping one bar of soap, or one of any item because it is not worth the time it takes to package so I have a flat fee shipping of $7.00. That tends to rule out the onesies or make them worthwhile.  I always have discounts for larger purchases. For example my soaps are cheaper if you buy 3 and even cheaper if you buy 6. That’s the kind of sale I want to make.  $7.20 is the cost for a “Priority Mail 2-Day™ Padded Flat Rate Envelope, USPS-Produced Envelope: 12-1/2″ x 9-1/2”. (They are free from the post office)  It holds a lot. I can put 3 16 ounce botttles in it. Over a dozen bars of soap, a lot. There have been times when an order just won’t quite fit and on those times I bite the bullet and either use a medium sized box or 2 padded envelopes and I eat the difference… but I’m not really eating it. I’m lowering my profit a little bit but I make up for it in other places. For me, this is the sanest and easiest way to ship.  I also make up specials that I know will fit in my $7 envelope and sell them with “free shipping” (at a $7 higher cost than they would have been if sold at my door).

If you decide to work up a table based on regions, weight or such, here is a good video to help you do it. The first few seconds may be a little outdated. When you get to PayPal click Tools then at the bottom click All Tools and one of the items will be “Shipping Calculator”, from there on the video is correct.  Note: For flat rate, free or included shipping you will not need this. Those can be set up here right in our shopping cart.



  1. Cynthia Scott

    Bunni, where is the image database that you had mentioned we have access to? Did you say? I keep getting lost LOL. You built quite a large website here – it is impressive given that you’ve only been working on it for a few weeks right? Or less than that really (course all the years of doing it show! You ROCK!) Oh and I’d like to change up the font some. I’d like it bolder and more old fashioned or quirky – one or the other.

    Thanx doll !!


    • bubba bub

      The database is out of site. In fact there are multiple databases and they are all our of site. This whole site is stored in a database and our shopping carts use another database. Any place you see a form you might be adding records to a database but you have no idea it’s there, you just see the reports it spits out which might be a gallery page or a list of items in your shopping cart.

  2. Cynthia Scott

    You DID say don’t mess with the font right? Argh I just need to reread the whole thing – my memory is for the birds – okay off to reread… 🙂

    • bubba bub

      Every Section, row and module that you see on the backend (after clicking edit page has one of these little menus in it. I can’t put a picture here but it’s the lines in a row. Clicking on those gives you tabs to a multitude of options for the row or section or module you are working on. (I have a microphone coming tomorrow. I’m going to see if I can make some videos for you.) The fonts you have to choose from are here and you can play with them by typing something in the top line: http://divifonts.diviguide.com/

  3. Melanie Grist

    This part overwhelms me lol So you do a flat $7 rate shipped anywhere in US Bunni? What about international orders? Do you have a flat rate option for that? Have you ran into many problems with people ordering more than what will fit in the flat rate envelope you use and losing money? When I tried flat rate shipping before I found I was eating more profit by the time packaging time, supplies and drive to postal were calculated in (my brother snitched my printer, so I need to get a new one as that would eliminate much of that issue!). I would like to just follow the advice you are giving on how you ship. You’ve been doing this for years and rather than my fumble around with trial and error at this time, I would rather follow something that has been tested and found to work well. Shipping has always been an area I struggle with….which I know probably doesn’t make sense lol I also love the idea of offering discounts for multiples ordered. I have been so small time that it hasn’t been something I’ve thought much about…but what is the price difference between your 1 bar vs 3 vs 6? I would like to implement that too with the soap! And I love the special idea that will fit in the 7.20 envelope!!! You are sharing so much more with us than just getting the site up, I am soooo incredibly thankful!

    • bubba bub

      Melanie I don’t do international shipping. It’s too much work for the price. Shipping does take a lot of extra work. You can build it into your price. If you sell mostly online, then make the price higher and have a sale or discount for local in person sales. As I said, on occasion someone has ordered just a bit more than I could pack into my $7 bag and then I probably lose most of my profit but that’s rare. You can fit a lot of little things in those bags!