Welcome to Our Work Space for the Next Two Weeks.

I thought this looked like a pretty nice working environment to set the intention and the vibration and I didn’t even have to build or rent it, just download it.

Kara needed a site fast and didn’t have a whole lot of content so we adapted it to the existing sample site and then made changes to the new sample site from what she needed). I think its pretty decent looking (except for the Coming Soon section that we are still working on)  We were able to import her blog from blogspot (sometimes that works well, sometimes not. We were lucky)  Check it out.  She did happen to have a few pictures that worked just right. I’ve never done a site with less content (I’ve rarely done a Facebook update with less content) but it does what it has to do.


About Dropbox: Let’s not.  I decided that it’s silly to take our attention from here to do something that we need so little. My original thought was that I didn’t want you to upload a bunch of pre-optimized images to your Media Library in your site but that really makes more sense to do and for those of you whose pictures I’m doing, I can grab them from there just as easily, optimize them and put them back there.

Which brings us to you logging in and playing with your site.  I would like you to upload some pictures to your Media Library. If you have a picture – even a temporary one – that you want for your full width header picture or pictures you want turned into a slide show, upload them to your Media Library.  Even if you are going to be doing your own pictures and optimizing, try uploading a couple of small pictures…. just so we’ve all done it. Here’s exactly how.

Log into your site. (Bonnie you can’t do this quite yet but I’ll let you know when you can).  Remember that your login page is at yourdomain.com/wp-admin and use the password that you got in email or that you reset before. Any trouble logging in, use the chat on this page to let me know you need help. (It rings nice and loud, not like the little Facebook ding)

When you log in it brings you to the Dashboard that looks like this:

You’ll see Media which, if you hover, is split to Library and Add New

If you clicked Media or Library you’ll still see the button to Add New

This is the screen where you can upload. DO NOT drag and drop. (You can try it but if you have trouble, use the Select Files button)  Select Files and it will let you upload one or as many as you want. For now, don’t get carried away unless you’re like me and have no intention of waiting for help and just want to play. Then have at it!!

Please let me know that you’ve uploaded some and let me know if you want them made into your header or a slider.

That was easy, wasn’t it?

I found this to be very useful.  It’s a little browser extension called Eye Dropper. Lots of times when I’m working with a picture I need to find a color to match some part of the picture.  There are many ways to do this but the one I found yesterday is very simple and may be helpful to you as you build your site.  it’s fun even if you only use it occasionally.


  1. Melanie Dawn

    Kara’s site looks great! I am actually interested in her books for Aiden, lol! 😀

  2. Melanie Dawn

    I am just seeing this about no go with dropbox and uploading pictures into the new media space. Do you want us to just upload a few pictures for now to get the feel of it or upload all that we think will be needed? I still have no clue on what to do with the header…but I have an idea…. I can discuss that with you when we get to that though/when you’re ready 🙂 Let me know on the new media upload and I will start giving that a try ASAP 🙂

    • Bunni

      We are at the header point. Any time you’re ready. You can upload a couple of things and if you have no problem upload whatever images you’ll be using. If you don’t optimize them make sure you size them. See that on the other menu item on this page.

  3. Cynthia

    I really like Kara’s site too. Awesome! I read one of the blog posts and it really rang some bells that needed ringing lol. Thanks Kara!! Good job Bunni!

  4. Bunni

    I did not expect these comments to reproduce in each space. I learn new stuff every day!