Welcome to Our Work Space for the Next Two Weeks.

I thought this looked like a pretty nice working environment to set the intention and the vibration and I didn’t even have to build or rent it, just download it.

Let’s get ready for shopping carts

Your items need to be organized on your own computer before you start. (They don’t need to be but it will be easier for you and faster to build if they are).

We have mostly WooCommerce installed in the sites. One has an older cart for a very particular reason.  Preparation for each is the same.

Decide what your categories are. Everything in your shop goes in a category even if there is only one item in the category (if you’re planning to grow) So, decide on those first. Each category should also have a photo to represent it.

Get your pictures ready. I recommend that  soap and skin items be done in this shape:

The width should be less than 600 pixels. (See chart for column layout image size approximations) Mine are more like 300 – 400 pixels.  The space I allow them is about 300 pixels usually

Some items, like liquid soap and lotions will need to be this shape. Try to keep it in this aspect ratio.

When we have pictures of different aspect ratios in the same columns it throws off the symmetry sometimes, to varying degrees. Take a look at this page  http://cybergalleries.com/my-website-many-section-samples/  at the next to last section.  These items were not planned for the layout they are in and as a result some parts of pictures are cut off and others take up odd amount of space.

Sort your pictures for each category so that you can upload a category at a time to your Media Library. It will make them easier when you need to find them to put on the site.

Consider how much information you want to put on a page that talks about the qualities of all your products, how much you want to say about each category and how much about each item. Look at my examples for the kinds of spaces they will end up in on their product page. (Note that the sample may show “Related Products” at the bottom of the page. I hate that feature and can remove it for you if you don’t like it either. Some people love it.

Now we’ll assume your content is all organized and that you have the images and text for your products.  I am not going to police the legalities of your soap or cosmetic labels.  Just don’t forget to put weight. (I don’t care if you ignore it but don’t forget it). Legally, as I’m sure you know, it has to be listed on your soap label. I do not do that for in-person sales where people can pick up and item and feel it but online it is important to know if you are buying a 45 ounce or 8 ounce bar of soap or a 1/4 oz. tin or a 4 oz tin which can look identical in pictures.

Please let me know if you have this all ready or are working on it. It will give me a better idea where we stand. I will continue with the instructions even if you are not ready but if no one is ready it will tell me I have time to slip in some other things.

Please leave any questions here. Thanks my dears and it’s a pleasure working with you!!


  1. Cynthia Scott

    Hey Bunni – hope you are having a good Sunday – you needn’t get back to me today – I don’t know if maybe I’d rather go make soap LOL. In any case I did a picture on my website to what seemed to me the correct size for shopping cart photos? Why not just tell us the correct size or did I miss it. Also I had some trouble with the optomizaiton programs you listed but I had a found one that worked or I thought it worked that I used to optomize my pics before I uploaded them but previous to reading about size – anyway I left a copy of the size photo for you to check out on my website – If you could take a peek and tell me is that ok? I don’t want to do them all and then have to do them all again ya know?

    • Bunni

      The correct size will partially depend on the layout you choose. I’ve got two posts about images here besides this one (one on the first post “Let’s build your website” and one on May 15th. You should be familiar with both. The picture will size to the container it’s in but 600 pixels for a soap image is a good bet if it’s been optimized or even just resized it won’t take up a whole lot of extra space but will surely be big enough for your layout. I’ll go take a look at your pictures right now.

  2. Bunni

    I’m not making this a reply to Cyn, I want you all to see it. When you look in your Media Library and see your images if you click on one it will take you to a page where you can see more info on it (you can also edit it but it is much faster to do that before you upload it). On this screen you will see (upper right) the size of the image in kb and in dimensions as well as the file type. Cyn, most of your pictures are jpg format and are 20 – 40 kb which is GREAT. The last one is a .png file and is 347 kb. When I resaved it as a jpg it was 38 kb so generally you are going to do a lot better with jpg images. (I uploaded my copy to your Media Library)

  3. Cynthia Scott

    I’m getting confused between weight which should be below 600? Or size which should be below 600 – and if it is size (for the 3:4 and 4:3 – the 600 equaling to the 4) and if 347 is a little too large are we shooting for under 50 in terms of weight? Do I have that right? And if not where am I misunderstanding? And for the bigger pics say at the top of the page? For the was it 9:16? What px are we shooting to stay under for the 16? Did you say already? My memory is for the birds! I’ ll go back and re-re-read LOLOLOL. In any case I want to make certain I am understanding. Thanks so much! Oh and am I playing around in the correct space where I have been adding text and images? That’s it for now – I think this is like the 3rd rendition of this or something that I’ve left in various places LOLOLOL. Okay talk at ya later – thanks so much!!

    • bubba bub

      600 pixels wide should be bigger than you need without being too big or too heavy in kilobytes. You can go for 600 wide and be safe except for the big pictures for headings and full width pictures.

  4. Melanie

    I have no clue on the picture sizing lol I will upload what I have and go from there I guess. I need to weigh my soaps… my customers so far have mainly been family and friends that have seen them in person or received free bars as gifts and ordered after that….I will get them on my digi scale and see what it says eventually.

    • bubba bub

      If you are not weighing them then it’s hard to tell when they are cured… but wait… that’s the soap teacher talking. Not the web design teacher. I’ll leave that alone here. 😉