Welcome to Our Work Space for the Next Two Weeks.

I thought this looked like a pretty nice working environment to set the intention and the vibration and I didn’t even have to build or rent it, just download it.

Where do we all stand?

Who needs what?  Who still needs  a layout they like for their site? Tomorrow I am going to devote to explaining how to get your products added to your shopping cart. You man not see that until tomorrow evening, depending on how long it takes me to explain and post it.  In the meantime I would like to know where each of you stands.

If you need help with a layout (and I know at least one or two of you do) tell me that! Show me a page you like or draw and scan me a picture or do something to help me help you.

Are your pictures all uploaded? If you’re having trouble with optimizing or sizing then just upload them and I’ll take care of it, but let me know I need to.

Don’t keep secret what you are having trouble with. Tell me or I can’t help. It will help you, and me so I can do this better next time and every future class I decide to do so you aren’t being virtuous if you don’t tell me, you’re being selfish.

I want these sites up by June 1st. That was the plan. I am not going to desert you if they are not up but let’s do all we can to get them up.

Also, if you didn’t make money arrangements with me, please do (feel free to do that in email).  I am making a list so I can send invoices on the dates people tell me they can pay. I should have all deposits by now but it’s no disaster if I don’t. Just let me know when.

Everybody!!! Check in please.



  1. Nickie

    I could not figure out how to upload a video from Youtube. It took me to media files and asked me to select a file. Also what is a Webm file?

    • Bunni

      Nickie the easiest way to learn to add things is to edit existing things. I left my video on your site for that very reason. To change my video to yours, login, to to the front end, click edit page and find the video module. Click the menu (the 3 lines in a row that hovered over say module settings and the first thing you’ll see is the URL of my video. That’s all you have to put in there, just the URL of the page your video is on. Replace mine with yours and you’re good to go. If you want to add your other video you can copy this module to another part of the page and do the same edit again.

      • Nickie

        I must be doing something wrong still. I get the same message as when I am putting in media. The statement says Drop files anywhere to upload or Select files. I tried to take a screen shot but I couldn’t get the picture to paste here.

        • Nickie

          The other thing I managed to do is find a scary page called FORBIDDEN. LOL

        • Nickie

          The other thing I managed to do is find a scary page called FORBIDDEN.

          • Nickie

            I finally got it. whooohoooo! Ah the little things in life…like the learning curve. Celebrating success.

    • Bunni

      As far as the Webm file, I never heard of it. Had to google it. It’s another format for video files apparently. We might have to care about it if we were not using video from youtube but since they got here and made life easy nobody I know uses their own server space or alternate technologies for video files.

  2. Cynthia Scott

    Well I kinda thought you knew pretty exactly where I am at but for the purpose of being thorough I have 2 pages written up and ready to put on there. I do believe you’ve seen both. There really isn’t a whole lot more to say. I do want to add some bits – I will get those to you tonite. But they are details. As far as shopping cart goes I am taking pictures today as best I can (not my forte). I did make up some categories and I am fairly certain about pricing for now – that probably will change a tad when I get my paperwork up to date but for now I just kinda have to wing that. As far as shipping goes I’m just going to copy your system for now. I am ready to enter things in shopping cart if you are ready for me to do so. I kinda thought that I messed up the program because I successfully uploaded one item but then thereafter where I thought I was following the exact same steps it just kept reverting back to yours each time I entered something so I’m missing something there or I messed it up LOL. But if you fix it I will try again and you know which page I like – for anyone interested I’m going for the photography homepage layout. Thanks so much – oh and Bunni helped me with my logo, the little genius – It ROCKS – thanks doll !! I love it! 🙂

  3. Kate

    Wow – I’ve had a breakthrough! WordPress has been my arch enemy for YEARS, but I’ve finally had an energy shift and the block is GONE! {{{happy dancing here!}}}

    1. Is there a way to remove the semi-transparent border from the top of the header image?

    2. I’m using a dark blue section directly under the header image. There is TOO much space above and below the text. How do I make that space smaller?

    3. Is there a way to move a section up or down? —instead of deleting it and doing it again in the right place?

    Thank you in advance!

    Finally having some fun,

  4. Kate

    OMG – I figured out how to move a section! I tried drag and drop before, but it wouldn’t work – today it did!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to create the space to drop it in – YAY!

    Really excited now!

  5. Kate

    Oh… one other thing… My page images are loading very slow. Is it the image – or wordpress?

  6. Allison

    I have my landing page and about page near completion, I have my photos uploaded, I am working on my categories and text for my shopping cart. I was charging shipping based on the size of the order, and I was using boxes instead of padded envelopes. I think for ease of use and customer happiness I will use your method of $7 shipping and switch to using the envelopes. I do need to take a better photo for my landing page header, but I’m struggling with the layout and content, along with less than ideal weather.

  7. Melanie Grist

    I tried to get rid of the individual single product items listed and I wanted to edit the group categories for sale (soaps, skin care, mineral makeup etc). I think in deleting the individual category section, I goofed and altered the product categories somehow.Can you check that for me and fix for me if so. I have no idea what to do unless it’s trying to simply edit what was/is already there! Thank you!!! 🙂