Welcome to Our Work Space for the Next Two Weeks.

I thought this looked like a pretty nice working environment to set the intention and the vibration and I didn’t even have to build or rent it, just download it.

Let’s start by talking about Pictures!!  How big. How many. How often they change. How much space they take up. How much they slow down your site (and how to keep them from doing that). What aspect ratio they are (shape, the ratio of length to width). What aspect ratio they should be and what looks good.  These are all things we need to consider about pictures.  Breathe. Even if it sounds hard, it won’t be.

For some sites the pictures highlight and break up the content. For other sites they are the content.  I call these design pictures and content pictures. Design pictures tend to be those that are in slide shows, or large headings, dimmed and used as backgrounds and indicators of what you do or what your site is about.  If your site only has a few pictures and they will not be changing often, I can manage them for you.  If you have a shopping cart, art gallery or other picture-heavy site you are going to have to be able to optimize and resize your own pictures.  Resizing a picture is making it visually smaller. Optimizing is making it look the same size but have a smaller file size.  It is a really good idea to optimize your pictures before uploading them to the site.

I need to know who is working on a mac and who on a Windows PC. Who already knows how to optimize, resize and crop pictures?  Who is familiar with Dropbox?  Dropbox would be very convenient for us to use while we are creating these sites, especially if there are any large files to be used/shared/sent.  For pictures that will make up your large heading or slideshow I do not want you to resize them without more info (which I’ll give you) and sometimes they are finicky to email. I would like to have other files in Dropbox also. It is much easier to keep organized.  Sometimes I get emails with the subjects “info for whatever page” then “final info for whatever page” and a while later “absolute final info for whatever page”.  I understand this. I have files on my computer like that too but  when they are interspersed among my hundreds of  emails it makes it hard to get the right info. If you put a file in Dropbox and need to change it you can so so and then put it back. Of course, you’ll be editing your own web pages pretty quickly so it can also be fixed there.

Who knows what they want? Not for all of life, just for your opening web page.  Do you want a slide show or a full width picture? Do you know what pictures you want to use for it?  Do you have a (or some) video you want to use?  Do you want a shopping cart?  (I think I have a grip on who wants those but make sure I know)   Do you have categories of items or just a few items?  Are your pictures of your items ready?  There are other ways we can collect money besides the whole shopping cart. Pre-payments for classes or donations are just a couple of possibilities.

Are you having trouble with your words? it can be hard to write the text you need and it can be very hard (not for me, but for some of you 😉 ) to brag on yourself and tell the world how great you are at what you do. If you have to you can write third party and talk about how great “she” is. We can also do whole testimonial sections.  I do urge you though to feel ok to put forward how well you do what you do.  It is not a bad thing to know what you are good at and it is not a bad thing to tell people about it! (Use your high self instead of your ego and it will come across!)

Do not send me any pictures or text yet but do tell me if you have your ideas in order or if you need more help with that too. Websites grow. You don’t have to have to get it perfect in these two weeks. There is no limit to the number of pages you can have or how often you can edit, add, prune.  Just get started. Getting going always works by starting, even if you don’t start in exactly the right direction.

Let’s use the comment section right here to talk about this. I want to start getting more specific and to put together some pages for all of you. It is a lot easier to learn by editing than to put the pages together from scratch. Please answer my questions and speak any concerns. Be sure you’ve looked at the samples pages and let me know any parts that strike your fancy. We want to make some great websites here. Let’s get started!! If you have nothing much to say, just check in and let me know you read this. Thanks and come back here tomorrow. This will be HQ – and notice the little chat button in the corner. I will be here most of the time working on these and you can chat with me using that. (I’m having a hard time remembering to turn it on and off but I’m trying.)


  1. Allison Clifford

    I will be on Windows. I know how to crop and resize pics, but not familiar with optimizing or using Dropbox. I think a slideshow sounds great, but I don’t have the photos I’d like to use. I would like a shopping cart and I do have product pictures. I do have some reviews I would like to use as well. Thank you so much Bunni!

    • Allison Clifford

      I’m so sorry for screwing up the Divi stuff. For some reason messenger is not sending my response to you. I got to a place where I can’t figure out how to do more to my page. I would love instruction on how to edit text, add pictures, add my paypal account and options to the shopping cart, and fix whatever I did wrong with the Divi stuff please! Thank you so much!

  2. Joyce ripp

    I’m on iPad and have new MacBook that I’m ignoring. I will explore/learn Dropbox. I’m not familiar with optimizing. I want to use some video to show fluttering silk colors.
    I will use pics I have then update when product is unloaded from POD, uploaded to apt.
    I will force my writing guide to force me to write something about my goddess self.
    I envision the site has photos of nfs work as examples, then a dozen for sale. To keep the freak out minimum. I don’t want slideshow.

  3. Melanie Dawn

    I will be working on a chromebook and a pc desktop (windows). I have pictures on Etsy that I hope will suffice to start the site with at least. I do want a shopping cart (which I know nothing about setting up etc). I do know how to crop pictures but am not familiar with optimizing them. I do not use dropbox, but I am confident (mostly confident lol) that I will catch on quickly. My variety of product is not too impressive right now, but I am already working on new product ideas and ordering supplies etc to hopefully launch new items soon. I want to ensure I can add to the site easily as new product is released and update info as swiftly as possible. I am not looking for fancy super hi-tech. I am looking for ease of use for customers, with little clutter…here is the product, maybe a little info, click here to order…sweet and fairly simple 🙂 Because I have a business page and a group on facebook where I share lots of product info, tips, small lessons on the ingredients I use etc, I do not believe that I will need nor want much wordiness on my site. I want to direct people to my fb business/group and let them know that is where the action is with more in-depth information, videos, how-tos etc. I am open to the banner and having a slide show or not… again, my main purpose is an easy to navigate site where the product can quickly be found and purchased via a shopping cart (I assume shipping fees are calculated in the cart..? I am really clueless how these operate, lol).
    As for product…I have my different soap mold shapes with options for type/colour/scent and exfoliation added if wanted. My Mineral Liquid and Mineral Powder foundations. My Mineral Pigment colours. And The Great Pumpkin Masque. I am going to be adding a lotion/body creme, shave jelly, facial toner/splash, liquid hair and body soap and other items hopefully all before the end of the year ( with the site and new additions later, I am hoping to boost sales during holidays especially!!).
    I hope this is a good start in conveying my simple vision and helps you out with the creative juices getting their flow on to give you ideas for my site. Thank you… Much excited for this!!!

  4. Bunni

    Oh how exciting to see people answering here! Don’t worry about optimization too much. The graphics program you are working in probably has an optimization feature and for the size of most of our pictures it may not make a whole lot of difference. I will be giving you info tomorrow on what general size to use for which pictures. We can even play with some pictures that are too big, if we remember to delete them later when we replace them. Dropbox may not be necessary either (I always overdo it). If you have it fine but if not we can upload right to your site.

    There should be a button or link on each comment here that allows for replying to each comment. I cannot see one. Can anyone else? I can do it internally but I don’t like that it’s supposed to be here and it’s not.

    Joyce, can you do, or have you done any video for your fluttering silks? (Great idea by the way).

    Melanie, it’s good if your FB page is busy but you never want that to be better known than your website. I have written an article that explains why (at least 5 times). I’ll see if I can find a version of it tomorrow before re-writing it again.

    I’m really glad I asked what i did because I am seeing better some of what we want to do. Everyone has a sample site now at their domain. I thought it would be good to start with something, anything that we could add to, take away from, rearrange, etc. I want you to have some good content before teaching you anything about maintaining the sites because it is so much easier to learn from editing what you have and need than to learn about parts you will never use.

    Thanks for the answers, hope to see more tomorrow and leave more info tomorrow and maybe even start messing around with your sites for the kind of arrangement you want.

    Please get all of your pictures, organized and ready to upload. Pictures should have file names that reflect the content of the picture. Two reasons: One is that in WordPress the file name often becomes the caption (you can keep this from happening but sometimes it’s a good thing). A caption that says “Blue and Purple Painted Silk Flag” is far far better than one one that says (as it will if you download it from FB or amazon) “lewrjeklrhlserupweutakewrjrwewhrpihewreweios.jpg” It is also at least a little bit better from a search engine point of view. Try to keep the names fairly short but descriptive.

    Good night my dears. Thanks for coming!

  5. Bunni

    Got the reply button. I can go to sleep now.

  6. Cynthia Scott

    Good Morning all,
    Ok so I do have dropbox so Bunni you can have access to my files and photos but I need your email so I can send you an invitation. I am working on windows on a laptop (plus various handheld devices). I can resize and I’ve had occasion to optimize but only a few times – idk 3-4 times have I done that – usually with a program connected to another program asking me to do so to fit that program (I do some marketing for a friend so that’s where I run into this stuff). A shopping cart would be good for now anyway – until some brilliant idea gets laid in my head for something different :). I think I want a blog either attached or somehow directed to the site although that’s easy enough from the blog – idk we’ll see. All my ideas are not fully fleshed out but I have some written up already and I did have the previous website so that I have at least a little bit of experience but needing more hence why I came to you dahlin! Thanks so much for being you! I’m gonna go take a look at your samples. Talk at ya later! 🙂

    • Bunni

      You (all) have email from me today so you should have my email address now. I don’t want to post it on this page where it will be harvested cause I’m using my “special people” email address with you all.

  7. Kate Large

    Good Morning!
    Thank you, Bunni, for this exciting opportunity!

    * I’ll be working on Windows PC.
    * I can resize and crop pictures – optimize need help with
    * I have drop box.

    What I want: I looked through the samples and there are parts of different ones that interest me. This website: http://www.awesomewealthywoman.com is what made me seriously start looking at WordPress. I love how information sweeps in from the sides an from below as you scroll down. I also love how clean and fresh the site looks and feels.

    As you mentioned, it’s always easier to write about someone else, rather than ourselves. I’d love a brainstorming session to put sparkling light into the website <3

    • Bunni

      Animations are not a question I’d have guessed. They actually have nothing to do with WordPress, they are a function of CSS. Fortuitously we happen to be working in Divi which is a theme and theme builder inside of WordPress and allows total access to CSS and some subtle animations without the addition of CSS. Our sample sites have a couple of animations as they load. Take a look at your site. I added 3 pictures identical to the 3 above them but they enter the page – very subtly – from different directions. For anyone who wants to see, its at http://rainbowtinyhome.com. We can play with some more impressive ones, after we get some content into everyone’s pages.

  8. Nickie Golden

    I will be working on a MacBook Pro. I do not have a domain yet. Bunni do you want me to get one or will you? I know nickiegolden.com is available and that is what I would like.

    I will begin looking through pictures. Wheeeeee this is scaring and exciting…a both/and.

    • Bunni

      Nickie there must have been a miscommunication. You do have a domain name. It even has a sample site on it. Find yourself at nickiegolden.com

      • Nickie

        Way cool. I have been found. Thanks!

  9. kate

    Can we begin to play with the page?

    • Bunni

      Of course you can. You can do anything you want.